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Green Cove (#17 Cape Breton Highlands National Park)

Green Cove

Take a look at coastal vegetation and geology at Green Cove.

This is a short “leg stretcher” trail but very interesting. From this short rocky headland jutting out into the sea, you can watch the ocean crash against the rocks or catch a glimpse of whales offshore as fishermen tend to their lobster traps - daring to come so close to the rocks. Notice the twisted stunted trees - known as “krummholz” - and the leathery leaves of the bayberry. Plants here have adapted to this windy, salt -sprayed coastal environment.

Caution: Keep away from cliffs during high wind and waves.

Trailhead: Parking lot on the Cabot Trail
Significant Feature: Atlantic coastline, geology
Length: 0.2 km (0.1 mile) loop
Hiking Time: 10 minutes
Elevation: 10 m (35 ft.)